Thursday, 28 February 2013

Some Mothers

I was once part of a conversation where my mum offered up these words of comfort to her friend:
'Daughters are put here to torture their mothers.'
She said it straight-faced and in front of me. Obviously, I could hear her.

For Mother's Day we're going to try and avoid winding up, bossing around and generally 'torturing' our mams. We're making up hand-tied bouquets - wrapped, ribboned and tagged - for £35. 
We can't deliver them, but you can collect them from us in Camden, on Thursday the 7th in the evening, or Saturday the 9th in the morning. Plus, if you wish, our pals at Oooga Patisserie will add 2 delicious cupcakes for an extra £3.50. To order please contact us on facebook or email us by 5pm on Tuesday 5th March, or else mum will miss out.

For now, back to lovingly torturing our mams... who clearly love a good hat. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Forget Me Nots

At about 7.30pm on Valentine's Day, Jess, in the passenger seat, began to form a list of highs and lows for us to write about (shown here in full). In the giddy relief that we'd accomplished the (once seemingly) impossible, she wrote while we laughed and sang and danced and drove to our last delivery, where we got out of the car to hand over the jar, then turned back and danced to no music on the street. It was sweet. 


  • Arriving at a drop-off at 3.20, for a 3.30 cut-off
  • Charlie driving over Jess's foot, very very slowly
  • The lack of loos on the roads of London
  •  Realising (at 7.15am 14th Feb) that the blank line on the spreadsheet we'd been wondering about for days was an order we'd accidentally deleted
  • The jar falling over
  • Not knowing we should have bought more diet coke
  • Many many diversion signs


  • Jonny Bunt's life-saving, ├╝ber-geeky, colour-coded delivery spreadsheet, without which we would now be disbanding, never to speak of this flower malarkey again
  • Consistent and unending encouragement from our friends
  • Extremely well chosen car snacks
  • Receptionist flattery on delivery
  • In-car disco dancing, courtesy of playlists made by Charlie's Pa and our mate Ian. You know who you are, Ian
  • Seeing a man on the street delivering flowers with a spreadsheet exactly like ours
  • Being forwarded an email, whilst still on the road, from a chuffed bloke with a message from his Misses, 'best flowers you've ever given me'
  • Realising that we were acting for an actual secret admirer and his girl had no idea
  • Meeting a Viking
  • Jess's confusion as to why recipients kept assuming the flowers were from her personally
  • Charlie working out this was because Jess was adding her own familiar spoken message on delivery, based on the private messages she'd written on the tags
  • Being told we were 'actual live cupids'
  • Getting to the pub
And one much-loved high and low was the sustained use of choice expletives throughout. 

In short, we had a great time. So thank you for ordering. 

Phone-tos. Better (actual) photos to follow. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sold out!

We've called it a day for orders of our Valentine's jam jars today. We've sold far more than we expected, and it feels totally cracking. 

For this, we can only thank our friends: you ordered, liked, and shared, like troopers.

Getting our tags ready this afternoon we came across this little snippet in a pal's message (sure he won't mind us sharing). Wish us luck for Thursday, we don't want to let you down.