Thursday, 20 August 2015

T H E S E R I E S : T H E C A K E

So, we found quite a lot of love for Pinterest recently, which has resulted in...

 T H E  S E R I E S 

...a pinterest collection of all super cool things, wedding related. 

We have pulled together oh-so-dreamy, jaw-dropping dresses, the most beautifully designed and delicious cakes, the hippest, hottest suits for the fellas and a whole host of other aesthetic wonders to get you on your way to creating, well, basically the world's greatest party.

Each month on the blog, we will share a new board with you and from that, pick our top five faves.

Next up...

T H E  C A K E

We've been looking forward to this one...  

And not just because we're enormous fans of cake, but because the white iced fruit cake is over and we just know there is the perfect, mouth watering stunner out there waiting to celebrate your big day with you.

1. The naked cake...

Super fashionable and not as risqué as it sounds, this icing-less tiered number is sweet as.  

Perfect for a less traditional or rustic wedding, naked cakes can be incredibly budget friendly if baked by a generous and talented friend and decorated with single stems of flowers. 

image via

2.  'Cheese cake? Cake with cheese?'

Not quite.  
How about an insanely beautiful actual tower of cheese with tons of colourful fruit and some tongue in cheek white sugar mice climbing all over it?

But please, don't forget to sort out an alternative for the vegetarians and vegans...  
(They get angry when they are hungry.)

image via

3. Cakes of gold...

Because there is nothing better than edible gold.  Fact.

image via

image via

4. Hand painted cakes, just for you...

This requires a lot of skill, creativity and patience so definitely not one to outsource to Nanna.  (No offence, Nanna.)

You won't ever regret splashing out on a bespoke hand painted number.  
But there is a chance you won't want to eat it either.

image via

5.  Anything by Lily Vanilli

Nothing says London wedding like a Columbia Road - based Lily Vanilli creation. 

 Totally delicious and a visual masterpiece to boot, these beauties would top our list every time...

image via

More like this on our pinterest...

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Proper Weddings: Emma & Stace

Emma and Stace got hitched on 23rd May this year at the beautiful Georgian manor house Gosforth Hall, in the Essex countryside.

Gosforth Hall is a venue specialising in weddings and seriously, these guys are EXPERTS.  
So, if you are looking for somewhere with exclusive use of the venue for 24 hours and a perfectly polished events team, this is it...

Sometimes brides come to us with no idea what they want, and sometimes they come to us with notated print outs of images in a labelled folder...  Emma knew exactly what she was after! 

NB Jess used to work with Emma back in the corporate days so is totally allowed to poke fun.  Also, Jess is pretty sure she knows where said folder was pinched from...

image: Kevin Mullins

The brief was golds, bronzes, champagnes, soft dusky pinks, creams, whites and browns, fluffy ferns and grey green foliage.

For her bouquet, Emma wanted a loose, messy and wild hand-tie with trailing elements, finished with lace.

image: Kevin Mullins

The ceremony took place within the house, where posies of gypsophila were attached to the chair back bows, and an arrangement of ferns and roses wired onto lilac branches was placed on the Registrar's table.

image: Kevin Mullins

image: Kevin Mullins

For the reception, a variety of distressed silver, bronze and gold vases were filled with groupings of hydrangea and gypsophila and mixed arrangements of roses, sweetly scented freesias, lisianthus, wax flower and foliage.

A fern, eucalyptus and ivy garland was draped along the front of the top table.

image: Kevin Mullins

The cutting of the cake took place in the large entrance hall with a sweeping staircase, where we had installed a flower heavy garland of roses and hydrangea with grey green eucalyptus and trailing ferns.

image: Kevin Mullins

Congratulations Emma and Stace, it was an honour to be a part of your big day, and we wish you so much love and happiness for the future.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

One Flew Over: The Venues

This week, as a little treat, we take a look at our top picks for Wedding Venues around London.

These are places we have flowered up and fallen in love with, so we thought it was only fair to share...

For proper foodies who want a menu that will blow their guests away...

The friendliest and most accommodating events team around, a cool, minimalist industrial decor, and a DJ booth in the bakery; this is by far the greatest place in London for a wedding reception. 

St. John is not licensed for wedding ceremonies, but Islington Town Hall is a short ride straight up the road or the Museum of the Order of St John is just a stone's throw away.

For creative brides and grooms with a social conscience...

We're a tad sentimental over this one because it's where this happened (warning: you will cry), and also where One Flew Over took flight for the first time way back in 2012.

For truly excellent wedding photos...

Exposed brick and flaking paint walls, an enormous cinema sign outside to welcome your guests in, and a bottomless trove of props; this old auto repair workshop is the stuff of dreams.  Magazine editorial dreams.

For a secluded garden ceremony...

With botanical artwork lining the walls of the once-Royal residence and the option of seating your guests in the beautiful walled garden for the ceremony, you might just forget you are in London altogether.

image: Polly Alexandre via

For ethereal romance...

Every florist loves getting the call for a job at this venue. Dilapidated and atmospheric, with a shrine-like candle cluttered backdrop, a ceremony at Asylum will be remembered forever.

All images ours unless stated.