Thursday, 28 May 2015

T H E S E R I E S : T H E H A I R

So, we found quite a lot of love for Pinterest recently, which has resulted in...

 T H E  S E R I E S 

...a pinterest collection of all super cool things, wedding related. 

We have pulled together oh-so-dreamy, jaw-dropping dresses, the most beautifully designed and delicious cakes, the hippest, hottest suits for the fellas and a whole host of other aesthetic wonders to get you on your way to creating, well, basically the world's greatest party.

Each month on the blog, we will share a new board with you and from that, pick our top five faves.

Next up...

T H E  H A I R

Whether it's sleek and sophisticated, boho or vintage, your barnet will be working over time on your wedding day with all the photos, dancing and head banging... (oh, just us?)

1. Loose and Wild

Preferably with a middle parting and long, swishy layers.  Team with a 70's style dress, bundles of blooms and a woodland venue. 
Spot on.

image via

2. Plaits...or 'Braids' for our American friends

So versatile - there be neat plaits for the traditional bride, chic plaits for the city brides and windswept, messy plaits for the beach bride. 

And what do they all have in common? They look bladdy great. 
And keep the fringe that just wouldn't grow out in time off your face...

image via

3. Old School Glam

This is a serious country mansion 'do right here.  Perfect for winter,  a couture dress and a ton of candles.

Please don't forget the deep burgundy lipstick.  
And the chocolate cosmos in your bouquet.

image via

4. Colour

You're the centre of attention anyway.  So go for it! 

Guaranteed you will have more fun at the paaaarty... And if you have kids, they'll be all 'my mum was so cool' and show their mates your wedding photos.

image via

5. Top Knot

One for the super chilled girls and the super sexy boys.

Also a good one for late night, slightly sweaty dance floor hair. Nice.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Proper Weddings: Jess & Jon

This week we have one from the vaults... 

The nuptials of Jess and Jon was one of our early weddings, when we still had other jobs and squeezed in flowers at the weekend - back in August in 2013. 

The pair married at Cambridge Cottage, Kew - home of the delightful (even for a none florist, promise!) Kew Gardens Gallery.  The former private residence is a totally beautiful, intimate venue where botanical drawing line the walls.

Jon and Jess' ceremony took place in the Drawing Room, which looks out over (as you'd expect of Kew) a superbly well maintained lawn and gardens.
Chair-back posies lined the aisle for the ceremony.  The bunches, as if 'just-picked', followed the natural, meadow feel of the day and were affixed on to the chairs with raffia. 

Jess and Jon re-purposed these to empty jars, ready and waiting, on the tables.  Re-purposing, like this or between spaces, is a really great way to reduce costs... but make sure there is a well-briefed events team on hand, or some sober ushers!

Once released and moved to the gallery for the Wedding Breakfast next door, the bunches of flowers were placed in amongst their pals - lots of other jars, already set up on the dining tables, meant that the tables had a good fill of flowers.

Summer inspired, yellow was the main colour for all florals, but especially for this sunny bouquet, popping out amongst a palette of warm whites, peaches and soft, grey-greens.  

Rumour has it Jess was wearing show stopping yellow shoes under her floor-length gown...

All photos courtesy of the wonderful (and very fun) Marriane Chua.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

HOW TO... Make your own floral delights! The Hair pin.

In our latest series, we show you 'How To'...

Make your mam think you're such a good boy by turning up to Sunday lunch all smart and buttonholed; 
Recycle a dress you wore to a wedding last year by accessorising with a fancy hair pin or wrist corsage;
Whack on 6 Music and pretend you're at a festi in the comfort of your living room wearing a floral head crown.

Last year, our absolute fave workshop was the Floral Delights evening where we taught you how to make all the above.  So, we thought we'd break it down for you here in black and white (with some coloured photos) so you can all have a go yourselves. 

This week..

HOW TO...Knock up a right nice hair pin


Wire of medium - heavy gauge (needs to be malleable but support your stems) 
Floral Tape - the sticky, crepe kind
Stems of choice / Small foliage of choice (bear in mind weight and size - small and light is best) 
*You can get any of these speciality floristry items at New Covent Garden flower market and at Amazon (boooooo Amazon, you're so evil and convenient)


In the same way as you did when making your own buttonhole, cut down all your flowers and foliage of choice, leaving around 3cm of stem below the head. 

Take your piece of wire and double one end back on itself to make a small loop.  
Secure by twisting the wire around itself.  

The purpose of the loop is to affix the hair pin into the hair with a kirby grip or two, so the loop doesn't need to be massive.

Using the sticky, crepe florist tape, cover the wire all the way down to the end.  

Be sure to cover well where you twisted the wire end to make the loop - you don't want anything poking your scalp!

One by one, take a flower or piece of foliage and lay along the wire. Tape it on by wrapping around the stem and the wire to attach.

Continue down the length of the wire, filling in any gaps along the way.

Once you have reached the desired size, you're done!  

The stems in the hair pin should be secure, but the pin should be malleable enough to kirby grip into the shape of your 'do.

This is a really fun, simple floral delight and is quick and easy enough to use as a regular accessory.  Have an experiment - go crazy with colour, or go wild in shape.  

You could even wear one to work - like Charlie in her fancy floral head crown...

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Houseplant of the Month: May

Houseplants: like the perfect man... long lasting, great looking and low maintenance.  
What is not to love?  

Which is why the Flower Council of Holland have launched their Houseplant of the Month Campaign throughout 2015.  Each month they have chosen their favourite Houseplant and given a ton of information on the history and uses of the plant, how to choose a nice healthy one, and how to take proper good care of it.

We thought we'd do you all a favour and follow their lead, condensing the info in our own monthly feature.  
In the fifth part of our series...

May: Hibiscus

The Hibiscus is often thought of as a tropical plant, but hails from China and South East Asia.  

It is easily recognisable by its trumpet shaped flowers, shiny, dark green leaves and super long stamen stalk (snigger...).

The Hibiscus plant looks great indoors but will also be happy to liven up your patio / balcony / whatever space counts as a garden in London, provided there is plenty of light for her to bask in.

Water regularly, keeping an eye on the leaves which will wilt to let you know that you need to get the ole girl a drink.  Take off any dead leaves and treat her to a nice house plant feed every couple of weeks.

In the winter, keep her cool but frost free and you can prune, should you wish to do so / remember, to ensure healthy flowering in the new season.

NB: don't make hibiscus tea out of your house plant - I cannot be certain but I'm pretty sure it won't taste good...