Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Houseplant of the Month: February

Houseplants: like the perfect man... long lasting, great looking and low maintenance.  
What is not to love?  

Which is why the Flower Council of Holland have launched their Houseplant of the Month Campaign throughout 2015.  Each month they have chosen their favourite Houseplant and given a ton of information on the history and uses of the plant, how to choose a nice healthy one, and how to take proper good care of it.

We thought we'd do you all a favour and follow their lead, condensing the info in our own monthly feature.  
In the second part of our series...

February: the Primula


The Primula is a very sweet indoor and outdoor plant that comes in a variety of colours - red, blue, white, orange, burgundy, pink and even some mixes of those.

The Primula needs the daylight but also likes to be cool, so keep her away from the radiator. And the oven.  

She will need watering often as the root ball needs to be kept moist, but you will know if she is thirsty; look out for a limp plant, or if the flowers and leaves appear wilted, get that girl a drink.  Primula recover quickly once watered so don't immediately panic that you've gone and killed it.

Want to cheer up your mam or nan, or get your in laws to like you?  Plant your Primula in an right nice pot or crate and take it round on Sunday.  

You could even add in a couple of potted bulbs, such as narcissi or hyacinth, to make a little gift garden.  

They'll love it all the more knowing you made it yourself.  
(Your parents have been telling you this your entire life. But it's totally true.)

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