Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wedding Inspiration at A Most Curious Wedding Fair

This past weekend we joined A Most Curious Wedding Fair for the third year running.

We love this fair.  

Mainly because it doesn't feel like a wedding fair, which bring to mind highly stylised stands, fake smiles and a hard sell.  

A Most Curious feels like a group of independent creative businesses who just want to make weddings beautiful and cool, and have tons of fun doing it.  

This year, we were the floral sponsors for the event, which meant dressing various spaces around the pretty enormous and industrial Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

The theme of the fair was Bush and Wood... ahem... For us, this meant it was all about the foliage, and no flowers!  

Using our installation pieces at A Most Curious, we thought we'd give you some wedding inspiration, showing you how to use foliage for maximum impact at your wedding!

The main entrance window was inspired by a Kinfolk Dinner vibe - a laid back and simple installation of sprigs of foliage pegged to draping lengths of twine.  

This is a really easy way of dressing a window and would look particularly effective against a large, white wall space in industrial venues.  It could also be built onto a frame and used as a a table plan, with luggage labels tied around the foliage sprigs.

For the main staircase, we went for a wild and wispy textured foliage garland.  This is one of our absolute favourite ways to decorate a venue.  Omitting flowers in favour of foliage means this is a cost-effective choice for your staircases, pillars, balconies, archways, basically anywhere! And by using seasonal foliage, garlanding can be appropriate all year round, not just for winter weddings. 

The Style and the Bride catwalk was the epicentre of the fair.

The back walls were built with a Gas & Air Studios pallet backdrop, which we topped with long, tumbling pieces of eucalyptus, ruscus, and asparagus fern so that they crept through the slats of the pallets.  This idea would look great atop wooden beams in a barn venue setting, or even suspended on a swing in a marquee.

We also suspended a fig branch draped with ivy and asparagus fern above the start of the catwalk.  A fuller version of this makes a unique ceremony backdrop, or this idea can be used to demarcate certain areas of your wedding, such as the bar or a quiet zone, in a big open warehouse space.

A pop-up foliage bed of berried ivy, leather leaf, asparagus fern, salal and eucalyptus lined the end of the catwalk.

Pop-up flower or foliage beds can be used as aisle runners or path markers, to line window sills, to brighten up unused church benches or pews, or as long centre pieces for trestle tables - we love them, as they are a super fun way of decorating any space! 

For all those in East Anglia and the surrounding areas, A Most Curious Wedding Fair is coming to Norwich this weekend, so be sure to get down there for more wedding inspiration!

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