Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Houseplant of the Month: April

Houseplants: like the perfect man... long lasting, great looking and low maintenance.  
What is not to love?  

Which is why the Flower Council of Holland are continuing their Houseplant of the Month Campaign throughout 2016.  Each month they have chosen their favourite Houseplant and given a ton of information on the history and uses of the plant, how to choose a nice healthy one, and how to take proper good care of it.

We thought we'd do you all a favour and follow their lead, condensing the info in our own monthly feature.  
In the fourth part of this year's series...

April : Peperomia

So called because it supposedly resembles its pepper cousin, the Peperomia plant hails from the rainforests of Central and South America and therefore is perfect for a bit of tropical flair in the home.

There is a huge variety of Peperomia.  The most familiar variety - the Peperomia Obtusifolia - can be recognised by its rounded and fleshy leaves, while the Peperomia Caperata has ribbed leaves. 

There is even a type nicknamed 'Happy Bean' (real name: ‘Green Split’), which is said to resemble green beans.

These fellas have semi-succulent properties, which means they can store water in their juicy stems and leaves.  Perfect if you are the type to forget to water your houseplants regularly!  

But don't neglect them completely - a good watering once a week or so will do.  And maybe give them a little plant food treat once a month too.

Keep your Peperomia plant in a lovely light spot, but out of direct sunlight.  And during the summer, you can always let it have a little holiday in the garden or balcony.

These are an excellent and super fun choice for a terrarium, or little rock garden too.

Also, if anyone can track down these dead sweet dragonfly pots for us, we'll love you forever.

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