Thursday, 10 December 2015

T H E S E R I E S : T H E I C E

So, we found quite a lot of love for Pinterest recently, which has resulted in...

 T H E  S E R I E S 

...a pinterest collection of all super cool things, wedding related. 

We have pulled together oh-so-dreamy, jaw-dropping dresses, the most beautifully designed and delicious cakes, the hippest, hottest suits for the fellas and a whole host of other aesthetic wonders to get you on your way to creating, well, basically the world's greatest party.

Each month on the blog, we will share a new board with you and from that, pick our top five faves.

Next up...

T H E  I C E

So, this month we chose the engagement and wedding rings that you would say yes to - regardless of who was asking.  

Basically, rings so cool they make you temporarily doolally.

Please see future blog post on how to extract yourself from an engagement you accidentally agreed to.  
(And how to keep the ring.)

1)  This rose gold number finished with a grey diamond from Ruth Tomlinson at Tomfoolery is the bizniz; big and chunky but super feminine and not too flashy.  

Also, check out Tomfoolery's shop in Muswell Hill. It's dreamy.

image: Ruth Tomlinson via

2) Alex Monroe is queen of the simple but stunning slim band choice.

We'll have this one for main;

And this one for desert pleeeeese;

images via

3)  We love love love our wonderful pal Mia Chicco's bespoke designs.

These are high drama showstoppers.  

Now, that would be a wedding we'd want an invite to...

image via

4) For those who prefer a more sustainable or antique ring, spend a Saturday morning trawling the antique shops with your lover.

Floral inspired Art Deco vibes?  They are out there waiting to be found...

image via

5) Or for something a little more punchy to express your everlasting commitment... A good ole fashioned tattoo.  

Each other's initial on your ring finger.  YES.

image via

More like this on our Pinterest...

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