Monday 4 January 2016

New Year. New Aspirations.

2015 was the first full-time year for One Flew Over.  

Previously, we both had other jobs; we raced from our desks to meet brides, we answered emails at midnight and (on more than one occasion) speed conditioned flowers with a toothbrush in our mouths.

In 2015, we said goodbye to working for the man (and incidentally, Jess' stress-related eczema - may this be a lesson to us all...) and One Flew Over became our One True Love.

We had an incredible year.  We laughed more than we ever imagined was possible, we created arrangements and installations we were very proud of, and most importantly, we became committed fans of The Archers.

We also made mistakes, had moments of crippling anxiety and wished we could have done a few things differently.

And so, with all that in mind, we have created our New Year's Aspirations for 2016.  
Because 'resolutions' sound scary and unforgiving...


To remember that courage is more important than success.
And that only our definition of success matters.

To pursue balance. And beauty.
In work and life and everything else.

To stop. And take a deep breath.
Jess gets a bit angry and stressy the day before an event.  Charlie gets nervous and flustered on the day.  
Work, and life, is a lot easier when you know your weaknesses and just take a little moment before they take over you.

To call our mothers back.
Sorry mums...

To find more time for our friends.  
Ok, so it won't be a Friday night, a weekend brunch or a Sunday night pub quiz, but we will make all of you Tuesday evening suppers, if you fancy it?

To use that Woodland Trust membership.
And generally just hang out outside as much as possible.
Hello vitamin D.

  To enjoy being our own bosses.
Because bizniz women really do rule the world, they just have to put up with a few admin duties. 

To support.
Our fellow florists, our clients, our old and new pals, our fellas and our families, and each other. 

And to have a bloody ace year.

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